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Mauthausen Survivors Documentation Project - MSDP

Project director: o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Botz (LBIHS)

The Mauthausen Survivors Documentation Project was an international research project on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Institute of Conflict Research (Brigitte Halbmayr and Helga Amesberger) and the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (Christine Schindler).

Together with our co-operators of 23 different countries a total of 854 life course interviews with contemporary witnesses (841 with survivors of the concentration camp and fife with American soldiers) were conducted. 100 of these were recorded on video interviews and 20 of these video interviews were edited for the exposition at the Mauthausen Memorial. The whole collection of interviews wit all the additional material was archives in the archives of the Mauthausen Memorial of the Federal Ministry of Interior.


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