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Mauthausen Survivors Research Project

Arrival of Soviet prisoners of war (C by Austrian Minstry of the Interior)
Arrival of Soviet prisoners of war (C by Austrian Minstry of the Interior)

The "Mauthausen Survivors Research Project" (MSRP) is based on an international cooperation of European researchers and research institutions to investigate the interviews of the "Mauthausen Survivors Documentation Project" (MSDP) of the Mauthausen Memorial of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior. The main questions are concerning the routes to Mauthausen,  life and survival of the inmates under changing conditions in one of the most severe Nazi concentration camps and life and remembrance of the survivors after the camp experience in Mauthausen.



The results of the project will be released under the main title "Europa in Mauthausen" at Böhlau-Verlag, Vienna from 2020 on.

  • Mauthausen in der NS-Expansions- und Verfolgungspolitik (Vienna: Böhlau 2020)
    (Mauthausen and the Nazi expansion and persecution policies)
  • Deportiert nach Mauthausen (Vienna: Böhlau 2020)
    (Deported to Mauthausen)
  • Gefangen in Mauthausen (forthcoming)
    (Imprisoned in Mauthausen)
  • Leben und erinnern nach Mauthausen (forthcoming)
    (Life and Remembering after Mauthausen)



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Mauthausen Survivors Research Project
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